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Terri Dwyer

Loose Women, Hollyoaks, 60 Minute Makeover and more

We want to extend a warm welcome to the amazing Terri Dwyer as she joins us as a supporter of our Menopause Retreats. I expect a lot of you will know Terri from Loose Women, Hollyoaks, 60 Minute Makeover or one of the many other TV shows she’s starred in. You may bump into her at one of our Retreats 😉 – “I love everything about The Menopause Experts and am very proud to be their Brand Ambassador … help that is long overdue and much needed”

“From the moment I connected with Dee and learned how she and her team of experts were helping women ease their Menopausal symptoms at their Fountain Retreats I passionately wanted to get involved”

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The First Signs of Menopause

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Menopause Symptoms and Instant Tips to Help Manage Them

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A Surprising Solution to Hot Flushes at Work

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