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A fabulous collection of menopause retreats held in some of the UK and Spain’s most beautiful venues

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Menopause Retreats

Learn how to alleviate your Perimenopause & Menopause symptoms at one of Europe's Leading Menopause Retreats, now launched in the UK & Ireland at dozens of stunning venues. Over 600 planned for next year. Welcome Drinks - Yoga (suitable for beginners) - Delicious Lunch - Afternoon Tea with Wine & Chocolate Tasting (Alcohol-Free & 'Healthy') VIP Membership all included. Plus, four Specialist Speakers providing 90 minute individual sessions. "Such fun" "Life-Changing" "Incredible Value" some quotes from happy clients.

Nutritional Specialists

Hot Flushes, Brain Fog, Mood Swings, Depression, Weight Gain & Loss of Sex Drive are some of the symptoms eased and often eliminated with help from the core of our programme, as seen on the BBC & ITV and in the National Press. Four Specialists deliver 90 minute individual sessions covering Diet/Nutrition, Health, Wellbeing, HRT 'Pros & Cons', Yoga, Psychotherapy and much more. Sessions are interactive and designed to give you impartial information to help you make informed decisions.

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Our retreats do fill up quickly. We're sorry if you can't find the location you want. New retreats and locations are added weekly. Although we do promise that our venues are well worth the travel

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Your retreat will be full of fun and enlightening sessions.


Here’s a glimpse at what a typical day retreat looks like…


8:30 Wake up / 9:30 Arrival

(Residential Only) Wake-Up Walk. At most of our venues you will find amazing walks across beautiful countryside. Some venues will also have facilities such as a pool. Whether in the UK, France or Spain, what better way to start your day than a walk or swim with friends.

Yoga Session

Your Yoga teacher understands the complexity of our mature bodies and those coming up to and going through menopause. Do not worry if you are a ‘first timer’ as you will be well looked after. Bring a Yoga mat if you have one, but don’t worry if you don’t, as we will supply it for you.

10:30 Break Time

Herbal teas & spécialité coffee. You have a choice of some lovely coffee or herbal teas, but no biscuits as we want you to enjoy your lunch! Break time is always another opportunity for doing what we love best… natter!

11:30 Meet Your Nutritionist

Your Nutritionist, trained and supplied by Maryon Stewart herself, will give you an insightful look at diet and nutrition, and show you how you can make small changes that offer huge results. There will be a Q&A afterwards.

13:30 Wonderful Lunch Break

Ready for lunch. We aim to show you some great ways to improve your diet, demonstrating just how easy it is to reduce meat. We don’t preach or judge, just deliver amazing ideas and serve up tasty, exciting cuisine using fresh ingredients.

14:00 Meet Your Specialist Nurse

Meet the Nurse, who will talk you through what is happening to our bodies physically during menopause. Why it happens, and what medical options might help. She will encourage you to learn more about the pros and cons of HRT and other treatments.


15:00 Q&As With the Nurse

This gives you time to chat through any concerns you have about your own menopause, and medical issues, or just ask whatever you like – if the nurse can help, she will. This is a time to discuss medical issues relating to the day or the nurse’s session. Remember, unless you are on the 1-Day retreat, you will see her again tomorrow.

15:30 Take a Break

This is the time we spend reflecting on what we have heard, seen and felt. A really good time to bond with one another, and discuss our own feelings about this time of life. Have a loo break and a cuppa, then get ready for the Psychotherapist!

16:00 Psychotherapist

You are treated to a session with our very own Psychotherapists, who have invaluable insight into the mind, our brain fog, anxieties and more. Symptom management techniques will be offered, to help you discover and maintain your new psychological strengths long after you leave.

Get VIP Membership now with FREE downloads including Recipes, tips & offers...


Don't take our word for it...

"Boosted by amazing ladies..."

"On a very personal level, becoming involved with Fountain Retreats has helped me face several of my own demons.

Fountains has been a journey (yes, that old cliché! ) , one of self discovery. My self confidence, boosted by the amazing ladies I've met along the way and their friendship and support has been invaluable, all of this coming just at the right time for me!

Thank you ladies!"

"Sharing the menopause..."

"As soon as I heard about Fountain Retreats I knew I had to be involved.

It is a new and liberating concept for women to come together and embrace the menopause with knowledge, support and fun.

Just having others to talk to and share experiences with, has greatly reduced my own symptoms in the short time I have been part of this family"

"Fountain retreats is a life saver for me..."

"I can't recommend them highly enough. Any questions I ask there is always an answer. I found fountain retreats when I was researching on good old faithful Mr. Google. I desperately needed to know more about the menopause and how to deal with it. I also needed reassurance that I was not going/gone mad, dying or imagining things.

I got that from the experts at fountain retreats..."

"An amazing experience"

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to experience a day at your gorgeous venue. An emotionally challenging day for me, but so pleased I came. Met some lovely people and I was made to feel very welcome and most of all normal! I’m not a freak after all! You have inspired me to use the tool box to find me again and hopefully one day I will be able to share my story and inspire others living with menopause.

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